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How would you like to consistently make $100-$150/day promoting affiliate products (or products of your own)? And the best part, spend only two to three hours per day doing it? I do and I’ll tell you exactly how you can easily duplicate my success.




I started using BackPage classified ads to drive traffic to my blogs. One day decided to experiment a little. Signed up for a Clickbank account and found an affiliate product that I liked and started promoting it on backpage, sales were so brisk I started selling other e-products, and some of my own.

In 2010 sold ten thousands dollars worth of e-products using the FREE classified ads in system.

Note: You can use the formula in the report below to advertise on any free classified ads site, eg, Craigslist, Kijiji, etc. I just happen to be comfortable with backpage, so it’s become my “go-to” site to place free classified ads.

Start Making Money Online Easily: Find out below how to sell your own products and make 100% of the profits. Yes, 100%!

You will fall in love with backpage because the site is easy to use, the ads were placed quickly and as long as you adhered to their easy-to-understand guidelines, you don't have to worry about getting banned or having your ad removed.

You can average $100-$150/day Placing Ads on Backpage! 

 Not a fortune, but enough for the average person to live on for sure. And remember, I AVERAGE $100-$150 per day; And all I do is place FREE ads -- mostly on

How I place Ads

When I first started out placing ads it would take about 20 minutes to place about 25 ads. Then I discovered this software that would allow me to place ads in 100 of cities across the country. When you purhase the software it comes with URLs and its fast. All you have to do is type in the security code with each ad. And that is a snap.

All of The Techniques Discuss are 100% FREE -- There are NO Paid Ones

All of the information in this e-report is about free ad placement techniques; no “pay for placement,” or any other method that’s going to cost you money is discussed. This means you can start making money — without having to spend any money

Why Most People Never Make Money Online

Most people never make money online because they try to make the big bucks. They respond to ads that scream, Make $15,000 in 30 days!!; or Work 2 Hrs/Day and Make $1,000!!! and Make $5,000 in the Next 7 Days — Guaranteed!!.

Making money online just doesn’t work like that.

The Perfect Work-from-Home Full-Time or Part-Time Job

If you’re looking for a way to work from home, promoting products on free classified ads sites like Backpage is ideal. Again, it doesn’t cost anything to get started. You simply choose products you want to market. The report tells you where to find products that sell well online), follow the advice outlined in this ebook and start posting ads.

If you have a full-time job, you can still start making money on backpage by posting ads before you go to work, on your lunch break at work, or in the evenings when you get home from work.


Your Own Internet Marketing Business-in-a-Box

This e-book makes it easy for you to get started by showing you a PROVEN method of selling online --internet marketers have been during this online since the begining of the internet.

Why are we giving you this  information in this ebook -- because to prove to you how easy it is make a profit. Just selling one  product per day is roughly $600/month ($19.95 x 30) any Clickbank product. Or make your own!

3 Reasons Why You Should Follow This Method  To Increase Your Profits

(i)To prove how easy it is for you to make money online with no internet marketing knowledge, no product of your own, and no website -- nothing!

(ii You will become addicted to the process -- the process of making money online. Once you make your first sale, trust me, you're going to want to make more because you're going to realize the potential of what you can do just by following the simple advice in this ebook.

(iii) Once you have confidence in the system that makes money online you'll become addicted you'll want to sell even more.  In the e-book you will learn how to write clever headlines and in few sentences conveying a benefit to your readers.

Why Internet Marketers Love

Affiliates, internet marketers and webmasters love the site because unlike Craigslist and some other free online classified ad sites, backpage allows you to place photos and hyperlinks in your ads. And, you can even place your ads in as many cities as you wish. This is particularly important when you're gunning to make a certain dollar amount per day/month.

One more thing: This ebook helps internet marketers SELL MORE when using backpage; hence, it's a valuable tool for them.

Now that you know why free classified ad sites like backpage are so popular and why this ebook shows you how relatively easy it is to sell while using let's take a look at what you'll find

Following Is a Complete Table of Contents Of This Ebook: This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #1: WHICH TYPE OF “ADS” TO PLACE (Page 6). Most online marketers don’t make any money (that’s right, none!) because they’re too busy placing ads. I don’t place ads. I use something that works much better. I discuss what it is, the psychology behind it, how to write effective ones and show actual samples.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #2: WRITE EFFECTIVE HEADLINES (Page 8). Your ad’s headline will determine if it gets clicked on or not. No matter how great your article ad is, if it doesn’t get read, it can’t be effective. The e-book outlines 4 elements to use for writing successful headlines for your backpage ads that you can use too! Samples are provided as well.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #3: CREATE A BLOG OR SIMPLE WEBSITE (Page 13).The e-book explains why this method is so effective for selling. Also lays out some guidelines for whether or not to create a website or blog, and how to make money from Google AdSense if you decide to go this route.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #4: USE THE APPROPRIATE CATEGORY (Page 15). Here the report explains the rationale behind multiple category posting, when to do it and perhaps more importantly, when not to do it.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #5: THE USE OF GRAPHICS (Page 18). Here we discuss why graphics are extremely important in online marketing and gives a list of about 30 sites where you can find free, professional-quality, stock photos to use. This way, you’ll always know where to go to get graphics for your ads.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #6: TIMING YOUR AD PLACEMENTS (Page 20). Did you know that the time of day you place your ad can affect sales? In this section we discuss why this may be true, and some best times to post.

BACKPAGE SELLING TIP #7: HOW OFTEN TO PLACE (Page 21). Just as when you place your ads can affect sales, so can your posting frequency. The report tells you how often to place — and why.

TWO MORE BONUS TIPS (Page 22): One extremely effective method discussed is one use to advertise a internet marketing firm, New Media Words ( This one method has literally brought thousands of dollars in sales and repeat, high-end customers.

HOW TO CHOOSE A PRODUCT TO PROMOTE ON BACKPAGE (Page 24). This ebook is about how to increase sales from a product or service you may already be promoting on backpage or other free classified ad sites. But, just in case you’re not promoting anything, the report outlines 5 tips for how to go about selecting profitable products and services to start marketing.

INFO YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BACKPAGE POSTING SOFTWARE (Page 27): Want to place hundreds of ads rapidly on any given day. This software helps you to do just that -- which can greatly increase your income.

HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR OWN EBOOK AND KEEP 100% OF THE PROFITS (Page 38): Yes, you can promote any ebook on backpage -- and keep all the money. Learn how/why.

SAMPLE ADS TO PROMOTE YOUR EBOOK ON BACKPAGE.COM (Page 43): Copy and paste your way to backpage selling success! 5 examples of ads you can use to promote any ebook on backpage.

Length: 51 pages of detailed info.

How Would You Like to Place Hundreds of Ads in No Time at All & Double or Triple Your Daily Income (ie, Make $200-$300/DAY)?

With Ad Posting Software, You Can!

Post hundreds of ads daily in very little time using this software. The first day I used it, I went from placing 40-60 ads manually to placing like 500. You have the option of posting manually or you can buy the software.

Get more details after purchasing the on BackPage Auto Posting Software. Note: Software only works on PCs; not MACs and can only be used when you post ads from the U.S. or Canada.

Do you want a real, honest way to make some decent money online? You can't miss with this opportunity. If you follow the simple advice in this ebook, you can literally start making money the FIRST day - really!


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